Great Role Model for Leaders

How to Be The Best Role Model by Lolly Daskal

This blog offers a variety of strategies, traits, and characteristics of effective, top, and successful leaders. Numerous articles posted related to effective leaders and leadership. Lolly’s primary goal, vision, and mission are to teach from the heart to people who are motivated, inspired, and compelled to enhance their performance level, leadership skills, and excel personally and become a great leader. Lolly is very active, attentive, and current on her blog posts. Her timeline is well organized, good traffic, and offers numerous avenues for readers to follow. The content identifies the traits desirable for effective leaders which include leading with self-awareness, positivity, empathy, integrity, trust, respect, honesty, and from within yourself. Other related topics include Seven Ways to Keep Your Team Happy and Motivated and All Successful Leaders Need this Quality to be Useful are relevant to the audience by offering strategies, best practices, and skillset required to be an active leader. The level of engagement by the audience is minimal, some comments, feedback, and a few questions presented. The blog does invite comments, minimal contributions or advancement of dialogue from the viewer, many of the posted comments were applauding Lolly for her tips, strategies, and knowledge regarding effective leader traits. This blog is exceptionally reputable by the credibility, skillset, experience, and knowledge Lolly has demonstrated through her numerous personal and professional achievement, accolades, and awards. Lolly Daskal is a world-renown motivational, inspirational, and educational consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author, and leader with decades of experience, knowledge, and expertise in the field of Leadership. Lolly was awarded Top-50 Leadership and Management Expert by,100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next by Inc. magazine, and Huffington Post The Most Inspiring Woman in the World. Her new book, The Leadership Gap: What Gets between You and Your Greatness was a Wall Street Journal Bestseller. The blog’s content depicts, explores, and reflects the blogger’s personality, professionalism, and attitude towards the topic, subject, and material creating the blogger’s online reputation. How a reader comments on a blog identifies, detects, and reflects on their viewpoints, opinions, and perspective related to the blog post, topic, and demonstrates the follower’s online reputation.

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